Mission, Vision, Value, and Educational Objectives

“The prerequisite for motivation and success in any endeavor is a BIG vision for your future. If you’re stuck in the past, you’re really in trouble. 

B.N. Norton.

 The opportunity to birth Canadian Imperial College is inspired by this quote of B.N. Norton. Canadian Imperial College is the manifestation of the BIG picture, which was hitherto a dream in our heads. The search for a sustainable solution to the dynamic challenges that the world faces today requires that we look beyond the surface. We must employ the most powerful tool we have, ‘our minds’, to see further and create a better future.


The mission of Canadian Imperial College is to be a practical college and to educate students; in knowledge, creativity, innovation, and excellence by providing a distinguished educational institution that allows students to gain the skills they need to translate their education into further academic development, success in the workforce and individual’s personal lives in today’s ever-changing global dynamics.


Canadian Imperial College will prove to be advantageous in the world through emerging knowledge, learning, discovery, and creativity through research, scholarly, academia, and aspirations of our world.



Canadian Imperial College is a fellowship of students, faculty, staff, and management who rely on shared values and beliefs that guide individual actions and behaviors across multifaceted demographics, disciplines, and experiences. The boundaries in which Canadian Imperial College will focus on:
• Academic Freedom
• Access
• Accountability
• Affordability
• Collaboration and multidisciplinary endeavor
• Coordination
• Diversity in people and of ideas
• Employability
• Ethical conduct
• Excellence
• Inclusion
• Innovation
• Integrity, transparency, and trust
• Outlook and Community
• Teaching
• Quality

Core Goals

Four institution-wide goals are fundamental to the Canadian Imperial College’s vision, mission, values, and future success:

1. Teaching and Learning: to provide an unsurpassed, multicultural, in-depth, and interactive learning experience led by some of the most qualified teachers and administrators. We are committed to developing front-runners who will make a difference globally. That changes the traditional paradigm of education by allowing our students to gain the necessary skills to translate their education into further academic development, the workforce, and their personal lives.

2. Graduate Employability: to advance the learning paradigm to simulate workplaces to provide students with practical hands-on experience. Our volunteer services offer opportunities for internship placements within the college to provide work experience.

3. International Outlook and Community: to advance a culture of engagement and collaboration involving the exchange of knowledge and resources in a context of reciprocity with the citizens and institutions. We pride ourselves on being a culturally diverse college with a variety of nationalities in attendance. As student at CIC, you will be a valued member of our college community, and you will find unparalleled support from our academic staff from across the globe.

4. Accountability: To be an affordable private college, abiding by rigorous government regulations, compliance and reporting above that of publicly funded education in Alberta, Canada, and worldwide post-secondary education. By recognizing financial sustainability, unparalleled management of human and physical resources, and operational efficiency and effectiveness.