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Student Onboarding

Student Onboarding

Student Onboarding is the process that helps new students adjust to Canadian living at Canadian Imperial College.

It helps to introduce students to the formal and informal culture, values and practices. It also aids in giving students the tools, knowledge, and comfort in a new environment.       

New Student Orientation

New Student Orientation is important for all students who are attending Canadian Imperial College.

Attend the New Student Orientation, to: 

  1. Meet and connect with students. You’re not the only one that’s going through this new journey. New Student Orientation is a huge opportunity to meet and connect with others who are just as excited (and anxious) as you are.
  2. Introduce you to your school, program, and faculty. College is a lot more than just late study nights and eating macaroni and cheese. The whole reason for going to college is to explore your education journey and take a step towards your future. Why not meet the instructors that will help you achieve those goals right from the get-go?
  3. Learn about the services and resources available to you as a student.
  4. Explore the campus. You’ll have the chance to discover campus the way you want to. Wander the halls, find your classes, check out the best study spots, and places to hang out.
  5. Have a life outside of the classroom. We want you to have the best college experience in and outside of the classroom, and we’ll share how you can!
  6. Feel great about your newest adventure. You’ll feel even more confident and excited after attending. We promise.

Getting Started

Congratulations on deciding to further your education! To become a Canadian Imperial College student, please follow the following process:

New Student Information

  • This is supplied at the New Student Orientation, this includes
    • Student ID Card
    • Log-in details for Populi and e-mail.
    • U-pass and parking
    • Benefits
    • Technology
    • and Financial details
  • Log in to the student web portal at MyImperial
  • Access your Populi Account to check your profile, courses, schedules, academics, campus life, communication, and financial details.

International Student Onboarding Checklist

We are delighted that you have been selected for admission to Canadian Imperial College. The following checklist should assist you in fully completing the admission process. If you have any questions during the process please don’t hesitate to contact us at or our in-house immigration consultant at

Onboarding Process:

Step One: Confirm Acceptance.

  1. Check Letter of Acceptance (LOA) and confirm that all the information on your letter is correct (ex. Name, address, birthday)
  2. Accept your offer, within the timeline detailed in the letter.

Step Two: Registration

  1. Pay first Tuition installment (registration fee). You are required to pay a $500 enrolment fee upon accepting a place at Canadian Imperial College. However, 50% ($7,500) of the tuition fee is recommended at the time of acceptance, to ensure the study permit process to run smoothly.
  2. Register for Accommodations. Book your accommodations at least two months before the start of your studies. Please review the following options and advise us on the accommodations you have arranged for your stay.
    1. Canada Homestay International –
    2. CAPREIT
    3. Rent Faster
    4. RentSpot
    5. Rentseeker
    6. Search4StudentHousing
  3. Register for classes as soon as possible, if not already complete. You must pay the first tuition installation (registration fee) before the deadline mentioned in your offer letter.
    1. Many classes fill up quickly, register early to ensure you get into the classes required for your program.
    2. If you have questions or need assistance in registering for classes, please contact

Step Three: Finalize Study Permits

  1. Apply for study authorization/permit. Please inform us as soon as you have applied for this document.
  2. Update Canadian Imperial College on the status of your permit. Please inform us of the status of your study authorization/permit application
  3. Obtain additional documents that may be required depending on the country of origin. After receiving your official Letter of Acceptance from Canadian Imperial College, you must apply for a study permit. A Temporary Residence Visa or Electronic Travel authorization may also be required of students from certain countries. Please visit for more information.

Step Four: Confirm Travel information.

  1. Book Your travel arrangements as soon as you receive your study authorization/study permit. Plan to arrive at least one week before your studies begin. This will give you time to adjust and orient yourself with Edmonton.
  2. Provide your arrival information at least two weeks prior to arrival in Edmonton. Please include arrival dates and times. As well as, Flight company and flight number.
  3. Arrange for pick up in Edmonton, if required. Confirm this at least two weeks prior to arrival in Edmonton if pick up services are needed.

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