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Online Fast-Tracked Caregiver

At Canadian Imperial College, we take pride in presenting our extensive six-month foundational program. As caregivers, you play a crucial role in supporting family members and friends facing various challenges arising from work demands, illness, disability, or the aging process. Our program is thoughtfully designed to prepare you for fulfilling career opportunities in either child care or elderly care roles.

Online Fast-Tracked Person Support Worker

The Personal Support Worker Program prepares students to meet the needs of patients with injuries, illnesses or disabilities. Students will learn about the physical, emotional and psychological impacts of the injuries, illnesses, developmental delays or disabilities. This demanding program is designed to provide optimum care, to provide information on various resources, to build confidence and self reliance.


Find out what your personality is like and discover your traits, worries & concerns about taking the next step to study at school towards a new and rewarding career. this quick and easy assessment will provide you with some insight into what to focus on and what you might need to watch out for to best prepare you for your new career and school goals!

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