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Basic Restaurant Skills – For Asian Cuisines

Industry Training

Certificate of Completion

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The Basic Restaurant Skills – For Asian Cuisines is a 16-week industry training program that features 50% classroom and 50% on-site instruction. This program will benefit non-professional and young professional cooks who want to start their career in the kitchen to build a solid foundation of cooking practices and methods. This program is designed to develop the critical skills required to succeed as a professional chef and cook in the food Industry.

School Industry Training
Credits Non-credit
Course Length

Full Time: 16 Weeks

Part Time: 32 Weeks


Full Time: 35 hrs./week

Part Time: 15 hrs./week

Credential Certificate of Completion
Delivery Options In-person and online
Instruction Options Blended
Offered Fall, Winter, and Spring
Practicum Yes
Method of Delivery 50% Classroom and 50% Kitchen
Training Cost CAD $10,000.00
Regular Applicants
  • A resident of Alberta, who is 16 years of age or older.
  • You have a genuine passion for cooking and interest in building sound technical skills in the kitchen and the restaurant at large.
  • You like to work as part of a team in a fast-paced environment.
  • You have the ability to learn well under intense time pressure. 
  • You must be ready, willing, and able to commit to 16 weeks to the training and participate in full-time employment upon completion of the program.
  • This training is for employers with current or potential employees who need training to fill current or future positions. 

Graduates of this program will develop the skills and training to work in kitchens across Alberta. This program includes specialized training on popular ethnic cuisines in Canada, including a special focus on Asian cuisine. 

Employee Hygiene and Food Safety 

This course focuses on the importance of personal hygiene when handling, preparing and serving food. The course will strictly follow the guidelines for food service workers provided by the Canadian government. The course aims to implement safe food handling practices to keep both staff and guests safe and healthy. Also included in the course is training on proper cleaning and sanitation techniques. 

Cooking as an Art 

Students will be provided training on various cooking methods. This is will prepare them to work safely and independently in the kitchenThe course will also include training on how to use a knife and the different techniques of cutting different items. The purpose of the course is to train students on the proper techniques used in cooking, such a skill sets the student apart when they enter the workplace. 

Business of Cooking   

Students in this course will be taught about the financial side of cooking. At the end of the class students will have an understanding of things such as menu costing and portion control. Another skill the students will learn is how to use a point of sale system. 

Problem solving Orientation 

Problem solving orientation is a class that will show students how to handle various situations. The customer service industry is full of unexpected situations, after this class students will be better prepared to handle some of those unexpected situations. One skill that will be taught is how safely deescalate situations in ways that will keep both consumers and staff safe 

Basics of Customer Service 

In this class students will learn how to interact with customers, for example how to greet, take orders and close a sale. Students will be tasked with learning what product knowledge is and why it is important when it comes to customer service. Students will also be taught practical steps on how to provide exceptional customer for example active listening and other tips and skills. The purpose of this class is to equip students with the necessary tools required when they are placed in the workplace.  

Kitchen Equipment Operations and Safety 

This course will focus on the proper and safe use of equipment used in the kitchen. Students will be trained on how to prevent workplace injuries by identifying potential hazards before they cause an accident. At the end of the course students will know how to safely use, store, lift and transport equipment to avoid workplace injuries and accidents. Students will be able to apply the skills they learn in this course in the kitchen and other areas as well.  

Kitchen Inventory Management 

This course will train students on how to accurately record inventory such as usage and waste. The course aims to train students on how to efficiently organize data collected and the importance of accurately recording inventory 

Food Handler Certification  

This class will be administered through the Canadian Safety Group. A Food Handler Certificate will be awarded to students after the completion of this class. 

Introduction to Japanese Culinary Arts 

In this class students will be introduced to Japanese cuisine and its history. The class aims to provide students with the cultural context of the foods they will be preparing, this will in turn create respect, understanding and acceptance in the workplace. The course will mainly focus on Sushi and its history and cultural significance. At the end of the class students will not only have a broader understanding of Japanese cuisine and the cultural significance but they will also know the tools and equipment required to prepare sushi. 

Sushi Preparation 

Students will learn the proper techniques used in the preparation of sushi. They will also be trained on how to safely prepare and store sushi according to Alberta’s sushi preparation guidelines. Multiple variables have to be considered when making sushi, it is important students are fully equipped with the necessary knowledge before tasked with the job of making sushi. At the end of the class students will have a full understanding of the science behind making sushi such as why certain ingredients are used, this is to ensure the safety and health of the consumer. 


Training on a Management Role (Extra Two Hours per Day) 

This class will learn proper management role, including time management, HR management, customer service, etc. 


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