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Industry Training

Certificate of Completion

Canadian Imperial College presents Benchmarking Executive Leadership program. This intensive 5-day industry training program aims to equip leaders with enhanced skills to expand their perspectives, discover their potentials and thrive as Executive Leaders within their organization.

Benchmarking Executive Leadership is a strategic and analytical process of continuously measuring Leadership styles and practices against a recognized Leader for the purpose of improving leadership performance. It covers critical areas of leadership in today’s competitive and demanding environment.

 This program offers a different kind of executive education experience that offers deep insight and real-time engagement with peers and renowned thought leaders that will share their knowledge and facilitate thoughtful discussions throughout the conference. This program features a highly Interactive and transformative learning experience high-quality, with timely, actionable content and seamless interactivity.

School Industry Training
Credits Non-credit
Course Length 5 Days
Hours 40 hrs/week
Credential Certificate of Completion
Delivery Options In-person
Instruction Options On-Site, Full-time
Offered Spring
Training Cost TBD

Specialty Applicants:

  • Governors & Deputy Governors
  • Federal & State Ministers
  • Federal & State Legislators
  • Policy makers and Administrators
  • Public sector DGs & HODs
  • Local Government Councilors & Administrators
  • Policy Advisers
  • Special Assistant

This program is designed to equip leaders with advanced skills necessary to prepare and manage post and pre-crisis situations, returning to normalcy post-crisis, within the shortest possible time to ensure that the organization is not only resilient but actually thrives and achieves its objectives.

It features high impact sessions for leaders from diverse organization on key focus topics, such as:

  • Crisis preparedness and building resilient institutions.
  • Advanced leadership strategies for effective institutional development post-Covid.
  • Building high-impact teams and managing performance.
  • Target setting, Performance and Benchmarking.
  • The 21st Century leadership mindset: strategies for leading successful change initiatives.
  • Road-map needed for organizations to thrive in the 21st century.
  • How global leaders are dealing with change and essential skills leaders needs to manage staff, donors and stakeholders.
  • Learn about leadership strategies from a different perspective.
  • Peer-to-Peer Connections with opportunities to interact with global leaders through both formal and informal activities.
  • Provide top-level feedback on specific, Critical Leadership skills.
  • Round table discussions on “Lessons learned from a lifetime in leadership” by Nigerian delegates and their foreign counterparts.

Highlights of this program also include:

  • Leadership Intervention/Strategy session with renowned world leaders
  • Specialized session for participating organizations on key focus areas.
  • Case Study Analysis
  • Group interactive sessions and discussions
  • Action plan
  • Certification
  • Networking

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