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Discipleship and Leadership Skills- Church

Industry Training

Certificate of Completion

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The Discipleship and Leadership Skills – For Churches is a 16-week industry training program that consists of 50% classroom and 50% on-site instruction. This program will introduce students to the concepts and principles of discipleship and leadership in ministry related environments. Participants will gain general bible knowledge, lessons in theology, and tools for assessing and adapting healthy changes within the church, personal, and work life.

School Industry Training
Credits Non-credit
Course Length

Full Time: 16 Weeks

Part Time: 32 weeks


Full Time: 35 hrs./week 

Part Time: 15 hrs./week 

Credential Certificate of Completion
Delivery Options In-person & online
Instruction Options Blended
Offered Fall, Winter, and Spring
Practicum Yes
Method of Delivery 50% Classroom and 50% Church
Training Cost CAD $10,000.00
Regular Applicants
  • A resident of Alberta, who is 16 years of age or older.
  • You are a staff of a Church Ministry, runs a Church Ministry and a worker or a leader in a Church Ministry who has passion for Church Ministry.
  • You like to work as part of a team in a fast-paced environment.
  • You have the ability to learn well under intense time pressure. 
  • You must be ready, willing, and able to commit to 16 weeks to the training and participate in full-time employment upon completion of the program.
  • This training is for employers with current or potential employees who need training to fill current or future positions. 

Graduates of this program will have the skills and training to work in churches across Alberta. The program includes training on mentoring, ministry skills, soul and pastoral care, and cultural training.

Personal and Spiritual Transformation

Course description: This course provides an integrated study of the Christian life and the development of personal character shaped by the values and virtues of God’s kingdom. Its examination of conceptual frameworks and major categories in spiritual theology, as well as understanding and practising the classical spiritual disciplines personally and corporately.

Principles of Discipleship

Course description: Discipleship is seen as the personal growth toward Christ-like attitudes and actions. This course will examine the various ways the local church has presented the Christian faith outside its doors.

Influence your Environment

Course description: In this course students will learn about the various ways religious beliefs and practices shape our understanding of environment, and vice versa.

Principles of Leadership

Course description: This foundational and introductory course seeks to develop a biblical-theological, historical, and cultural understanding of the best principles and practices of leadership in the church, ministry organizations and the marketplace.


Course description: This course examines the theological principles and practical ministry strategies involved with evangelism and discipleship. This course will train students to be thoughtful and passionate evangelists and to understand and use biblical principles and methods of church outreach.

Assessing the Needs and Health of the Church

Course description: This course examines the Ministry Assessment principles and practices required for thorough and detailed needs assessments. This course will help lead your team in a discussion on the health of your church. Also benefit from different assessments you can use to gauge church health along with the procedures and policies to make positive changes within the church culture.

Cultivating a Positive Church Culture/ Culture of Service

Course description: This course will help you actively creating a culture that values service, many will miss out on the opportunity to share and grow their spiritual gifts with the body of Christ. It will also focus on helping student with the understanding of a positive church culture and focus on nurturing the gifts of individuals so they can best serve the body without getting burned out.

Injecting New Life into your Congregation

Course description: This course will help you learn how to motivate your congregation, recognize, and respond to problems that may be holding your church back, and you’ll receive other tips for moving your vision forward. Students will also be introduced to the “digital native” and how technology can aid in the generation rises into leadership and looks for discipleship and mentoring.

Communicating and Initiating Change

Course description: This course will improve the effectiveness of communication among your staff, congregants, and staff as well as aid in strengthening your relationships. While serving as the glue that binds an organization and the platform through which an organization launches and promotes its vision, mission, and objectives, communication and presentation capabilities remain an essential and integral skill to be acquired by students. Students will also gain information changes, as change can be difficult and it is often scary. An effective leader must anticipate the concerns that may arise and communicate the change in such a way that will ease the transition.

Problem solving Orientation

Course description: Problem solving orientation is a class that will show students how to handle various situations. This course will prepare students to handle some of those unexpected situations. One skill that will be taught is how safely deescalate situations in ways that will keep individuals safe.


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