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Project Management

Postgraduate Program

Post-Graduate Diploma Credentials

The Post-Graduate Diploma in Project Management is a two-year program for students seeking specialization and designation that is aligned in project management operations, including human resources management, risk management, budgeting and accounting, marketing, and business computer applications. Students who complete this program will be fully prepared for a career in project management gaining a full understanding of the processes and techniques required in this field. Graduates will be able to write the PMI’s PMP certification exam.

School Business
Credits 60
Course Length Four Semesters (2 years)
Hours 20 hrs/week x 68 weeks
Credential Diploma
Delivery Options Blended
Instruction Options On-Site, Full-time
Offered Fall, Winter, and Spring
Practicum No
Tuition (See breakdown below)
Home Student CAD 10,000.00 / session

 *This program is not designated and ineligible to receive foreign nationals on a study permit

Admission Requirements
  • A Bachelor degree or Higher Diploma or a 3-year Advanced Diploma.
  • Applicants with International transcripts must provide proof of the subject specific requirements.
  • Students from non-English speaking countries should provide in addition to any or combination of the above, proof of IELTS International English Language Testing Service-Overall band of 6.0
    with a minimum of 5.5 in each band.

    Graduates of this program will have acquired knowledge and skills to see career opportunities as Project Managers, Project Coordinators, and Project Development Analyst to name but a few.  Project Managers are needs in many areas and industries such as  Health, Engineering, Computer, New Media, Advertising, Marketing, Financial, and Education. 

    Title Credits
    Semester 1
    Introduction to Project Management 3
    The Organization & Project Management 3
    Project Scope &  Quality Management 3
    Project Planning & Scheduling 3
    Project Stakeholder, Resources and Communications Management 3


    Title Credits
    Semester 2
    Project Estimation & Cost Management 3
    Project Control & Risk Management 3
    Project Procurement Management & Contract Management 3
    Project Management Tools & Systems 3
    Project Management Office 3


    Title Credits
    Semester 3
    Project Integration Management 3
    Strategic Project Management 3
    Managing Multiple Projects 3
    Leadership and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) 3
    Effective Project Plans, Proposal and Report Writing 3


    Title Credits
    Semester 4
    *International Project Management 15
    *Construction Project Management 15
    *Project Management in Oil and Gas 15
    *Project Management in Energy Asset Management 15
    *Project Management in Finance & Service Industry 15
    *Agile Project Management 15
    *Advanced Project Management Practices and Professional 15
    **Certification Exam Preparation

    Note: *Student may choose any of the Electives, ** PMP Exam Preparation


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