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Legal Administration

Undergraduate Program

Diploma Credentials

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The Diploma in Legal Administration is a two-year advanced program that is aimed at providing core clerical, administrative skills, and terminology to allow individuals to excel in legal office environments. Graduates of this program will specialize in areas including office procedures & communication, document review, machine transcribing, and litigation procedures. Students can choose to specialize in family law, corporate law, wills & estate law, real estate procedures, and criminal law.  

School Legal
Credits 60
Course Length Four Semesters (2 years)
Hours 20 hrs/week x 72 weeks
Credential Diploma
Delivery Options Onsite, Online, and Combination.
Instruction Options Full-time
Offered Fall, Winter, and Spring
Practicum Yes
Tuition (See breakdown below)
Home Student CAD 10,000.00 / year
International Student CAD 15,000.00 / year


Regular Applicants

  • Secondary school graduation or equivalent and 16 years of age or
  • Alberta Grade 12 English Language and Mathematics or;
  • Successful completion of the General Educational Development (GED) test that consists of five tests with a minimum score of 450 in each test.

Mature Applicants

  • Mature applicants are at least 19 years of age and have been out of the full-time senior secondary study for at least one year.
  • Mature applicants without English 12 can write the academic achievement testing (CAT 4) with a minimum of 60% score.
  • Mature applicants without English 12 can provide proof of English Proficiency test with

International Applicants

  • Applicants who are not national students who meet the guidelines established for international students studying in Canada by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC).
  • All applicants must be high school graduates or equivalent. Students with out of country equivalencies, require equivalency Students with International transcripts must provide proof of the subject-specific requirements.
  • Applicants from non-English speaking countries must have proof of English Proficiency test with
  • Applicants with non-English documents must provide English translated and notarized

Minimum English Proficiency Test Results

  • IELTS- International English Language Testing Service
    • Overall Band of 6
    • With nothing less than5
  • CELPIP: Canadian English Language Proficiency Index Program
    • Overall band of 6
    • With nothing less than 6
  • TOEFL (TOEFL iBT® and TOEFL® Essentials™)
    • Overall score of 78
    • with nothing less than 19
      • CBL Equivalent Level of 6
    • Other English Proficiency Results available on case-to-case

    The Diploma in Legal Administration allows students to work as a captioner and court reporter, judicial clerk, land title analyst, legal administrator, legal assistant, and liaison/consultant.

    Title Credits
    Semester 1
    Keyboarding 1 3
    Office administration 3
    Introduction to word processing 3
    Document review and proof reading 3
    Financial procedures 3


    Title Credits
    Semester 2
    Office procedures and communications 3
    Machine transcription 3
    Keyboarding 2 3
    Word processing applications 3
    Office administration 2 3


    Title Credits
    Semester 3
    Global citizenship 3
    Integrated software applications 3
    Legal machine transcription 3
    Legal office procedures 3
    Litigation procedures 3


    Title Credits
    Semester 4
    Keyboarding 3 3
    Legal Software 3
    *Family law 3
    *Corporate law 3
    *Wills and Estates Law 3
    *Real estate procedures 3
    *Criminal Law Procedures 3

    Note: *Electives


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