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Practical Nurse Curriculum Development Consultant


Practical Nurse Curriculum Development Consultant


A new college in Edmonton, Canada is looking to build its business engagement regionally, nationally and internationally through workforce development and skills training, knowledge exchange and transfer, research, innovation and development.

We are looking for a strong leader to provide vision and strategic direction for key areas of our Health, Computer Technology, Legal/Law, Hospitality, and Engineering. Your varied portfolio will include academic and student instruction; curriculum development; student experience (including international); student progress and assessment; and employability.

Working with academic and technical staff, in collaboration with College business partners and other professional service staff, the College Business Development Manager will be critical to the achievement of the College’s business plan.


Edmonton, Alberta, Canada


The Practical Nurse Curriculum Development Consultant holds a pivotal role in shaping and refining educational content tailored for practical nursing programs. This position is instrumental in designing, implementing, and enhancing curriculum frameworks that equip aspiring practical nurses with the necessary knowledge and skills required for success in their profession. Collaborating closely with healthcare professionals, educators, and industry experts, the Consultant develops comprehensive and relevant learning programs that align with regulatory standards and advancements in the field of practical nursing.


  • Conducting research and collaborating with educators, subject experts, policymakers, and other professionals to develop quality curricula and learning resources.
  • Establishing feasible timeframes to achieve the goals and objectives outlined in the curriculum.
  • Develop and refine curriculum content, learning outcomes, and assessment strategies for practical nursing programs.
  • Collaborate with healthcare professionals and educators to identify industry-relevant learning needs and objectives.
  • Creating stimulating lesson plans and recommending interesting additional resources.
  • Developing a range of digital resources to optimize classroom learning and ensure ongoing learning outside of formal settings.
  • Creating supplementary teacher and student guides, as well as resource packs.
  • Expanding networks of curriculum designers, educators, and other professionals.
  • Collecting feedback from students, teachers, and clients.
  • Monitoring student progress and making relevant changes to curriculums.
  • Collaborating with other writers, graphic designers, and web designers to create new learning resources.
  • Setting up tests, exams, and other formal and informal assessments to gauge the effectiveness of curriculums.
  • Strong ability to develop academic curriculum and oversight of the entire academic curriculum and content that is in line with the industry recruitment requirement.
  • Deliver curriculum using instructional techniques such as lectures, demonstrations, hands-on training, projects, assignments, and using multimedia technologies
  • Maintain and submit program and student records.
  • Evaluate student performance, assignments, exams specific to academic requirements.
  • Working with faculty and staff to ensure that the allocation of resources promotes and enables the college’s strategic academic objectives, and that there are effective controls and incentives in place to support good financial and strategic management of academic departments.
  • Develop proactive relationships with relevant external stakeholders, monitor developments and best practices within the Post-Secondary sector ensuring that creative solutions are incorporated into strategies/policies/ procedures for which the role holder is accountable.
  • Liaises with education agents and businesses internationally.
  • Updates and set up the school information system with new courses, documents, agencies profiles and prices.


    • A bachelor’s degree in nursing or related field, Masters preferred.
    • Experience and understanding of developing and delivering curriculum to students.
    • Experienced practitioner with significant background in academic administration and instruction.
    • Strong strategic understanding and knowledge of Higher Education and institutional issues relating to instructions. This would usually be expected to include funding and assessment issues; teaching quality and enhancement and student assessment; student recruitment and admissions; student finance; student records and statutory returns; institutional partnerships; international policy; academic and student regulatory frameworks; resource allocation and funding.
    • The ability to provide strong and inspiring leadership to manage and motivate staff, and to act as an effective member of a team and demonstrate the ability to engage beyond departmental boundaries.
    • An expert in developing academic curriculum for Post-Secondary education in Canada.
    • At least 5 years of experience working in specializied settings with increasing responsibility is required.
    • Previous instructional experience in a post-secondary environment and course work in adult education, with evidence of student-centered teaching excellence, is preferred.
    • Experience with learner management systems and computer programs.


      • Proficiency in instructional practices related to practical nursing.
      • Good understanding of specialized processes, acts, and regulations.
      • Be able to initiate, engage, observe, and support students of all academic levels.
      • Strong communication skills in all formats.
      • Ability to be self-motivated as well as work as part of a team.
      • Model respectful and critical thinking skills, behaviour, and language.


      To apply, send a cover letter and your resume to us at